One Koast Presents Frozen Harbor featuring Onyx w/ Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingaz

One Koast Presents Frozen Harbor featuring Onyx w/ Fredro Starr & Sticky Fingaz

Skarr Akbar, Billy Lyve and iLL LuCK Live, Apex Tha Genius, Dope Music Village, Xavier James, Eze Jackson, Icon Tha God, Team Kreamate, Ashley Sierra, Spence, Chase Ultra

Sat · February 18, 2017

Doors: 4:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm

$25 ADV $30 DOS

This event is all ages

Box Office is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm and All Show Nights, 410-244-0057. Unless otherwise noted Maryland State's 10% Admissions and Amusement Tax is included in the ticket price.


In 1993, years before anyone told ya' to "get up off them goddamn diamonds", South Jamaica, Queens, craziest Bal-Hed sons, ONYX, were already busy takin' some of the Golden Era's loot and running with it to new heights, stamping the term "hardcore" in its darkest terms upside hip hop's head with their seminal, trailblazing platinum debut, Bacdafucup.

The iconic cover image of four bald, angry-lookin' niggas, their legendary "MadFace" logo, a shoulder-strapped automatic and a menacing boot-tread took rap to a world that could "Slam" in an era where even looking at someone wrong at a rap show could get you gone. Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, SonSee and the late brother Big DS didn't break the rules: they scared them the fuck away.

Twenty years and several full-length underground classics later, there is still nothing so raw in live rap as getting tossed into the barrier by the smiling, sweating, maniacal fans swarming the pit, to find yourself face-to-face with the ever-Mad Faced, ever Bal-Heded 'Dro and Sticky.

Face to face with loud, abrasive greatness, you might just find yourself lucky enough to embrace a boot to the temple when Sticky stage-dives, or swimming with the sharks to make waves for the crowd surfers while you "Throw Ya Gunz".

ONYX made boom bap gangsta, gave metal street cred, and exposed the kinship of hip hop and punk rock cultures to a wider global audience on the strength of their delivery and the look in their eye that said this was no gimmick, motherfucker – all under the guidance of their mentor and producer, the departed architect Jam Master Jay.

With the Snowgoons-produced Cuzo LP hot on the way and the custom-built hybrid project Black Rock in the aisles and their newly-minted international "100Mad" click growing stronger, 2013 sees ONYX bring it back-da-fuck up in your mad face. Watch out, 'cuz they're coming for head-blood.
Skarr Akbar
Skarr-Akbar was born and raised in the heart of Baltimore City. A city shadowed by images of drug abuse, homelessness and poverty. Raised by a single mother of three, Stephen would find comfort in the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and George Clinton. However, upon walking into the Baltimore Arena to see a concert with LL Cool J, Run DMC and The Fat Boys a 10yr old Stephen Tatum would emerge an emcee.
Although Skarr found a new source of comfort, his world would be shattered by the lost of his cousin who was also his best friend. It would be this tragedy that would give life to which the world would come to know and love as Skarr – Akbar. "Skarr – Akbar is my alter-ego. He's the voice and Stephen is the brains behind the voice".
With his new ambition and identity in front of him Skarr (as he is affectionately known to friends and fans) would test his emcee skills with some of the industry's finest ranging from large names like Method Man and Eminem but it would be a battle with members of the rap group Onyx that would land him a spot on Def Jam's "Survival of the Illest Tour" with Onyx, DMX, Ja Rule, Cormega, and the Def Squad. This opportunity would also lead to Skarr lending his writing abilities to artists such as Bad Boy's Cheri Dennis.
To date, Skarr has released fifteen mix-tapes all independently produced and distributed; he has produced two documentaries and has a screenplay that is near completion. In addition to these monumental accomplishments, Skarr has found time to appear on the small screen in HBO's critically acclaimed hit show "The Wire" based on the town that raised him and respects him as one of their best battle rappers. When asked why he does all that he does and how he finds time to do it, the answer is simple, "Music is my first love…GOD has blessed me with a gift and I have to use it".
Billy Lyve and iLL LuCK Live
Billy Lyve and iLL LuCK Live
Dope Music Village
Dope Music Village is a collective of artists from the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area--known locally as "The DMV". Dope Music Village is fronted by three musicians: Brain Rapp, Nature Boi, and Ezko. The collective was formed to house the work of each individual artist as well as their collaborations with each other. One of the founding principles upon which the collective was formed is the idea that "it takes a village" which, to them, symbolizes the reciprocal relationship between artists and the people who support them. In short, the people need dope and the dope needs people.
Eze Jackson
Icon Tha God
Team Kreamate
Team Kreamate
Ashley Sierra
Ashley Sierra
Chase Ultra
Venue Information:
Baltimore Soundstage
124 Market Place
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202