Frost Fest 2017

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Frost Fest 2017

Luminosity, Vitality, The Averist, The New Reign, Hejira, Nexon, Isenmor, In Dog Years, I'm Dead, Ashes Of Mankind, Emerge A Tyrant

Sun · January 22, 2017

Doors: 3:00 pm / Show: 4:00 pm

$10 ADV $13 DOS

This event is all ages

Frost Fest 2017
Frost Fest 2017
The Averist
The New Reign
Hejira, a melodic metal band based out of Baltimore, MD is looking to change the game of modern day metal. With an emphasis on melodic riffs and sections opposed to most bands' emphasis on breakdowns, the musicality is evident. Look for them to tear up the local music scene through 2014 and beyond.

Current Members
Elliot Lowe
Brian Wynn
Russell Carollo
Tyler Huffman
Connor Davis

Former members:
Nick Folio (drums 2013-2014)
Tim Lyons (vocals, guitar 2013)
Cameron Meyer (Vocals 2013-2014)
Phil Book (Guitar 2013-2014)
Isenmor is a dual-violin fronted folk metal band from Baltimore, MD, USA. Isenmor fuses the heart of the Old World with the spirit of those who sought out new shores, combining intricate violin passages with savage guitar riffs and multi­part vocal harmonies. Isenmor tells tales of battle, drink, sorrow, and adventure, drawing lyrical inspiration directly from the original sources preserved since the dark ages.
In Dog Years, I'm Dead
Ashes Of Mankind
Emerge A Tyrant
Ryan Voelkel - Vocals
Joe Mullin - Guitar
Ben Towles - Guitar/Backup Vocals
John "Kirk" Almeida - Drums
Tim "Toothhead" Lodge - Bass
Venue Information:
Baltimore Soundstage
124 Market Place
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202