Performing Live Bauhaus-Tones On Tail-Love And Rockets


POW!, Stars And The Sea

Fri · August 11, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is all ages

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“Kevin [Haskins] and I get along really well, like a house on fire, we’re really different personalities, which is why it probably works,” says Daniel Ash about long-running bandmate of numerous bands in the last three decades. Daniel and Kevin have formed the new band POPTONE which embraces all aspects of their careers - from the legendary Bauhaus, timeless band Tones on Tail and chart-topping alt-rockers Love and Rockets. Joined by Haskins’ daughter Diva Dompe, Poptone has already announced two now-sold-out Los Angeles concerts with more dates to be announced.

“Kevin’s an obvious choice,” says Daniel. “He’s played in all three bands - Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, and Love and Rockets. We’ve been searching for a bass player, and to make a long story short, [Kevin’s daughter] Diva plays bass. We auditioned her, and she plays great, she looks great and the chemistry is great.”

Empowered by the sudden attention from an almost undetectable announcement on band’s website, Poptone quickly became a major topic of attention for sites like Slicing Up Eyeballs, mxdwn, Gothpost, among others. In similar fashion, their silently announced Los Angeles shows sold out almost immediately. With this overwhelming feeling of excitement, Poptone have begun planning and plotting their next steps as a band with a national tour dates as the first order of business. Shows will be announced in the coming weeks.

Originally emerging from the British punk and rock underground in the late 70s, Daniel and Kevin, along with vocalist Peter Murphy and bassist David J, Bauhaus spawned four iconoclastic and ultra-seminal albums as well as keystone singles "She's In Parties", "Ziggy Stardust", and, of course, "Bela Lugosi's Dead" before disbanding in 1983. Rising from the rubble, Daniel and Glenn Campling collaborated soon after as the short-lived but no less impactful Tones on Tail (with Kevin joining the fray soon after), and pumped out midnight dancefloor classics such as “Ok This Is the Pops”, “Christian Says” and the smash “Go!” (which has recently appeared in the We're the Millers trailer and was most recently re-recorded for the upcoming Power Rangers film). Next, the duo reunited with Bauhaus bassist David J. and hit the mainstream with the formation of Love and Rockets through the 1989 hit single “So Alive” which reached Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Now as Poptone, Daniel and Kevin are revisiting their storied catalogue and presenting in a fresh, new direction, to combine their histories with a reinvigorated outlook for new tours and potentially new music.

Poptone is Daniel Ash (vocals, guitar), Kevin Haskins (drums), and Diva Dompe (bass, backing vocals).
"POW! creates the type of music that makes you want to love and fight at the same time; the type of music that gets stuck in your head after one listen." - Death and Taxes

"Exhilarating" - Amoeba

"Smart, snarling tunes" - KEXP

San Francisco's POW! (comprised of Byron Blum and Melissa Blue) have been garnering attention since their debut album 'Hi Tech Boom' (2014), a debut that received acclaim for it's relevant message on San Francisco's socio-economic climate. In 2015, the duo released 'Fight Fire' (Castle Face Records) in which the project took a turn, with Melissa switching to primarily playing synths. Over the last couple of years, they have relocated to Los Angeles where they focused primarily on writing and recording new material. Today, the full stream of their synth-candy rock record has premiered at IMPOSE, who say of the record, "The twelve track stunner boasts bursts of energy with its modern synth-rock flurry of sound. From high tempo party started “DNS” to “Cyberattack #3” – which sounds to have come from a blending of robot and human – through to the title track at the very end, this album is crazy unique, future-driven, and on point." The band has also announced that they will play their record release party in Oakland at the Starline Social Club on 2/16. Tickets are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/folkyeah-castleface-r...

Byron Blum on 'Crack An Egg':

"Two arrows for eyes. We're looking for snakes under tables. Rest in peace David Bowie. I crack an egg in honor of the human race. **This new album contains hidden messages when played backwards. Do animals believe in God?"

John Dwyer on POW!:

"POW! continue their danse macabre in the laser glow of their hi-beam synthesizers, with a new batch of synth-punk candy to rot your teeth to.

Vacuum-sealed, chrome gleaming, propulsion pounding, eyebrows arched and slightly pixelated like the cupie-doll face beckoning from a digital billboard outside your hovercraft window. From a none-too distant dystopia and on to your turntable - VCFs slowly open across a smogged-out horizon as they urge you to take that Necessary Call, warn moodily against a Cyberattack, and inexplicably Crack an Egg in honor of the human race…as you do. Synthetic earworms squirm into and out of view out like twinkling city lights through evening’s opaque air, feasting on terse punk skeletons. The neon is buffed to an aerosol sheen by Chris Woodhouse behind the blinking motherboards, with a streetlight or two of Gary Numan's slanting through the door. The automatons know where the party’s at - follow them. Crack an Egg is out on Castle Face Feb 10th. "
Venue Information:
Baltimore Soundstage
124 Market Place
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202