Eric B. & Rakim – The Technique Tour

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Eric B. & Rakim – The Technique Tour

Yo-Yo, Ill Conscious

Wed · April 18, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$35 ADV $40 DOS

This event is all ages

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Eric B. & Rakim
Eric B. & Rakim
Ill Conscious
Ill Conscious
Ill Conscious is a hip-hop artist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Lyrically, he embodies social and political commentary while touching on the effects of urban dwelling and liberation. With a fresh innovative approach, Ill's style is still pleasantly reminiscent of the authentic 90's hip-hop era. Since 2007, Ill has been performing along the east coast, mid-west and has sparred in several battle competitions with other emcees. He has been featured on numerous rap blogs and has been called a mix between a later-in-his-career AZ, a Capital Punishment Big Pun, with the ‘consciousness’ of Talib Kweli and the passion/word choice of Tupac. The promising emcee has worked with credible up and coming producers such as Nascent, QB, Cold Legistics, Mizfitz Soundz as well as international professionals, M.W.P. from Denmark and Loop Holes from Norway. With several projects in the making, he plans on making a vital impact in 2015 and will continue to bring hip-hop to the forefront.

Hip Hop can be a very powerful weapon to help expand young people's political and social consciousness. But just as with any weapon, if you don't know how to use it, if you don't know where to point it, or what you're using it for, you can end up shooting yourself in the foot or killing your sisters or brothers. The government recognized immediately that rap music has enormous revolutionary potential. -Assata Shakur

Hip-Hop Is More Than Music, Hip-Hop Has Crossed Cultural Boundries That Other Music Genres Never Crossed. Hip-Hop Is Not Only The Music You Listen To, But The Way You Walk, Talk, Dress And Act. Hip-Hop Is A State Of Mind, An Entire Generation, Thirty Years Strong. We Are The Hip-Hop Generation. Rap Is What We Do,. . . Hip-Hop Is How We Live. - KRS One
Venue Information:
Baltimore Soundstage
124 Market Place
Baltimore, Maryland, 21202