Thursday, May 9, 2024

INSOMNIUM North America Tour 2024 Omnium Gatherum, Wilderun

Doors | 6:00 pm // Show | 7:10 pm


At its strongest, music is a gateway into another world. A weapon to destroy the walls we built around us – and Finnish metal melancholists INSOMNIUM are amongst its strongest wielders. Their ninth masterpiece, “Anno 1696”, released in early 2023 led us deep into the dark and troublesome past of Northern Europe, a time of witches, of superstition, of bloodlust and frenzy.  In November, INSOMNIUM continued the epic story of “Anno 1696” on their addendum-like EP “Songs of the Dusk”.

Founded in 1997 in the Karelian city of Joensuu, they first gained recognition in 2002 with their wintry debut “In the Halls of Awakening”. Quickly building on this with fierce death/doom juggernaut “Above the Weeping World” (2006) or melancholic masterpiece “One for Sorrow” (2012), the Finns surprised everyone with their sublimely beautiful, achingly forlorn “Argent Moon” EP in 2021, only to shed their skin once more and deliver their heaviest, darkest masterpiece in 2023. In spring 2024, INSOMNIUM are teaming up with their friends from high speed melodic death virtuosi OMNIUM GATHERUM and Boston’s WILDERUN, for 25 nights of gloom and sinister anthems in North America.