Saturday, September 21, 2019

Monsters Of Rock Tribute Night Fade To Black (Metallica Tribute), Deathbed Motorcade (STP Tribute), GO (Pearl Jam Tribute), Ounce Of Pain (Guns N Roses Tribute)

Doors | 7:00 pm // Show | 8:00 pm

Fade To Black

Fade to Black is a Metallica Tribute band from Baltimore, Maryland. We formed this band with mutual goals of paying tribute to and delivering the musical intensity created by the Heavy Metal Gods themselves. Breathing and living all things Metallica, Fade To Black is endlessly devoted to recreating the sounds and energy brought to you through the albums of Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, “…And Justice for All”, and Metallica “the Black Album”.

Deathbed Motorcade (Stone Temple Pilots Tribute)

Deathbed Motorcade is a Stone Temple Pilots Tribute band, aiming at every STP fan out there with the hits and the back catalog from their most classic albums Core, Purple, Tiny Music, No. 4, and Shangri La Dee Da.

Deathbed Motorcade is the result of a deep love of Stone Temple Pilots shared by the 90’s tribute act As If. In December of 2016, the band wanted to pay tribute to Scott Weiland on the anniversary of his death (December 3rd). The party was so much fun that the band decided to keep Deathbed Motorcade a reoccurring act.


Pearl Jam Tribute Band

Ounce Of Pain

Maryland-based Guns N’ Roses tribute band ready to rock.

Sweet Child O’ Mine.  Welcome to the Jungle.  The hit list is endless.  Iconic songs that inspired generations of musicians and changed the shape of music forever, delivered by a gonzo band that lived the rock n’ roll lifestyle to the max.  We pay homage to them through covering their great tunes as faithfully as possible, and with the power and energy they put into the music.

Singer Matt “The Fish” Harris has been belting out Axl-esque lyrics for years when he’s not underwater in his natural habitat.

Guitarist Brett “Brett” Buehler is Brett Buehler.

Bassist and Michigan native Zack “Rosie” Lance has been a member of several bands, all before he learned how to shave.  His tight and powerful style, with the aid of Rosie the Big Muff, keeps the Ounce of Pain sound driving forward like a freight train.

Drummer Mike “The Law” Heyse smacks the skins with justice and power.  He’s played everything from countless rock concerts to jazz at Carnegie Hall.