Friday, March 15, 2024

The Ultimate 2000’s Dance Party w/ So Fetch and DJ Blakberri (18+)

Doors | 7:30 pm // Show | 8:30 pm

Calling all 2000s revivalists! Your time has come. So Fetch, the ultimate 2000s dance party, has arrived! Remember your on-the-go playlist on your 1st generation iPod? The number one spot on TRL back when Carson was dating Tara Reid? We’ve got them covered and more. From Avril to Outkast, from Blink to Beyoncé, from Kanye to Ke$ha, to that song you liked from the OC. Break out your low rise jeans. Pause High School Musical. Take a break from Guitar Hero. Edward, Jacob, Paris, & Nicole are all coming. Your uggs, popped collars, and trucker hats are welcome here. So Fetch IS happening. #TeamGretchen #SoFetch

So Fetch

So Fetch — 2000’s Dance Party