Friday, July 5, 2024

A Future Funk/Vaporwave Tour Yoi Toki (18+) Macross 82-99, Vantage, Engelwood

Show | 9:00 pm

Dive into the electrifying world of Yoi Toki, an unparalleled dance party powered by the exhilarating beats of Future Funk and Vaporwave. This isn’t just any night out—it’s a groundbreaking celebration, a confluence of rhythm, style, and unabashed joy.

We’re hitting the road, embarking on a tour across the US to spread the thrill of Future Funk far and wide. And now we have partnered with Macross 82-99, Vantage, and Engelwood, 3 of the greats, trailblazers who have shaped the genre and set a brand new standard for this sound.

At Yoi Toki, don’t just listen to music—live it, feel it, and dance along. Join the movement, embrace the innovative vibes, and be part of a unique community radiating nothing but positivity and next-gen sound. Yoi Toki awaits: where every beat is an invitation to an unforgettable night.

Yoi Toki