Deicide has moved to the Ottobar!

Reserved Seating and General Admission available

Deicide has moved to the Ottobar!

Strong Intention, EXTERMINATION ANGEL, VISCERAL VIOLATION, March To Victory, True Unholy Death, ALHAZRED

Tue · November 6, 2012

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$20 ADV $22 DOS


This event is all ages

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Deicide is an American death metal band formed in 1987. Their first two albums, Deicide and Legion, are ranked second and third place in best-selling death metal albums of the SoundScan era.
Strong Intention
Strong Intention
Formed in the mid nineties , STRONG INTENTION continues to deliver brutal thrash/grind/hardcore/punk fueled by extreme speed, heaviness, and disgust. Taking the influences of NAPALM DEATH, AGNOSTIC FRONT, INFEST, DRI, COC, EYEHATEGOD, DISCHARGE, MOTORHEAD and putting them together to create what has been called: HARDCORE/GRIND/THRASH/PUNK TERRORISM !!

The band's earliest incarnation found itself heavily Influenced by classic NYHC outfits such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, BREAKDOWN, and the CRO-MAGS, and released the What's At Stake demo in 1994. These early recordings aligned the band with ultra-tough heavy hardcore represented in Maryland by NEXT STEP UP and GUT INSTINCT. But by 1995, issues of focus took their toll on the lineup, leaving then-guitarist Zac as the only original member, and putting the band into a year-long hiatus. In 1996, the band re-formed around a new core lineup, and the new members brought a new, diverse range of ideas and influences to the band. Gradually writing faster and faster material, the band released a debut 7" EP in 1997 on Crucial Blast. This EP was a minor departure from the earlier heavy NYHC hardcore the band had been known for; as the newer material was much faster and moved Zac over to lead vocals. After the EP was released, STRONG INTENTION continued to go through a myriad of lineup changes throughout the 90's; yet managed to tour the US and Canada 5 times.

Through all of this, the band's sound has continued to shift more and more towards the harshest ends of the underground extreme hardcore / metal spectrum, as well as cultivate a thoroughly apocalyptic worldview.
March To Victory
Venue Information:
2549 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD, 21218